Use Cases


Buying coffee with Monetum

Full transaction completed and money transferred to the vendor before the first sip.

Monetum coin was specially designed to run everyday payment, regardless the amount spent. Monetum is also a single, secure wallet to access all funds, be them crypto or fiat.

Traditional payments, just faster.
Crypto payments made simpler.


Solution for SMEs and Merchants

No matter the size of the business. With Monetum, even small enterprises can accept payments in cash, credit-cards, cryptocurrencies, or even gold!

Combining a state of the art web payment portal with the Hybrid wallet for Business, Monetum offers a full-cycle solution tailor made for small businesses.

You handle the selling – we handle the payment.
Fast, secure and with low transaction fees.


One account to trade all your assets

One account to trade all your assets
All-in-one exchange, where you can trade and buy Metals, Crypto assets or FIAT currencies.

Monetum enables crypto investors to convert crypto portfolios into traditional assets and back. Due to KYC/AML compliance, Monetum account holders face no hassle when liquidating crypto assets.

Safety, speed and versatility never seen before.

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