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Monetum is the bridge between the Fiat and Crypto World.

We believe cryptocurrencies are meant to be used, not to be explained, while transactions must be fast and simple for everyday matters in order for users to simply pay with what they have and get paid with what they need!

Whether you’re a merchant or an individual, we comply with the highest industry standards and regulations while providing quality service and value to all of our clients and stakeholders

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It is the integration between the best of payments and the best of cryptocurrencies.

    Highly secured platform audited by Kaspersky Labs with sophisticated anti-fraud management and best-in-class KYC processes.
    European regulated, robust, safe and Swiss based company adhereing to the highest standards for its clients and stakeholders.
  • EXPERIENCED IN PAYMENTS: Fiat subsidary is self-funded and operating profitably for the last 2 years with 25% growth rate of monthly transactions.
  • FOCUSED ON SIMPLICITY & CONVENIENCE: Less focused on technology, and more on usability that provides swift and easy method to convert crypto to fiat and back, as well as making and receiving payments in any currency, be it fiat or crypto.

The pre-sale token launch will undergo 3 different stages with a specific discounted price for every stage with a minimum commitment. It will be processed in a first come, first served way. Monetum reserves the right to close any stage at anytime even before the quantity in that stage is completely sold.

For more information on the dates and discounted price of the private sale, please refer to this link:

Please see list of banned countries not eligible to purchase MOM tokens.

To view our future use cases, click on:

The Monetum Token (MOM) is a ERC20 cryptocurrency.

A MOM Token is classified as a Payment Token that has been approved with a non-action letter by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA.

This token can be accepted as a means of payment over a period of time. It can be used across different use cases on the platform by which users can also enjoy the various benefits that it has to offer.

Those who purchase MOM Tokens are considered as a buyer of a new token that allows them to get access to some benefits provided by the blockchain ecosystem.

The Monetum Token (MOM) is classified as a payment token. They can be used across different use cases on the platform by which users can also enjoy the various benefits that it has to offer such as:

  • Paying for Transfer Fees
  • Reducing Exchange Fees
  • Accessing to new products
  • Earning Rewards from Staking & Minting
  • Processing Micropayments (in the future)

At this early stage, MOMs can be used on some of our partners’ ecosystems to reduce fees. Our roadmap outlines the future plans on how MOMs can be used.

MOM is an ERC20 token. Eventually, they will be transferable once you own them. Currently, the MOM Token can be used in Monetum Exchange but there are future plans to have MOMs listed and available on other Exchanges.

Yes, staking is possible. All participants/buyers will have the opportunity to do stake-as-a-service by which they can receive newly minted tokens and also avail of discounted fees for transactions within the Monetum Chain while holding on MOM tokens for a certain period of time.

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Once the Exchange platform is launched, all buyers will be able to see their MOM tokens on their account.

Yes, everyone who purchases tokens would need to open an account to facilitate all transactions.

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The following fiat and crypto currencies will be accepted:

The pre-sale token launch will start on 31 October 2020 and has a tentative end date. Depending on the progression of the token sale, Monetum has the right to adjust its timeframe based on the progression of the token sale. However, any delay shouldn’t deviate to more than a 4-8 weeks.

A timelock is to lock funds, which is also called “vesting.”

Depending on the time of the purchase, tokens required for vesting are as follows:

Pre-Sale – Stage 1 : 24 months
Pre-Sale – Stage 2 : 18 months
Pre-Sale – Stage 3 : 12 months
Public Sale : spendable after the end of final sale

Once the timelock is complete, the designated beneficiary will be able to claim the assets. Withdrawals won’t be possible until expiration of the lock.

Buyers need to open an account at Monetum Exchange

The Monetum team will process your KYC. Once your KYC is accepted, an email confirmation will be sent to the buyer with details outlining the transaction process. Once the funds are received, the corresponding MOM amount will be reflected in your Exchange account.

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Yes, every purchase a buyer makes will have a corresponding Purchase Token Agreement (for the Pre-sale Token Launch) and Smart Contract (Public Token Sale).

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Our highly secured platform was audited by Kaspersky Labs with sophisticated anti-fraud management tools. Kaspersky Labs is a global cybersecurity company.

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A dedicated support team is happy to help you with your questions. Please send all inquiries to

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Please read our Whitepaper for all the details. You can read our Whitepaper here:

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