Hybrid Wallet

Distinguishing itself through its Blockchain technology, Monetum brings together legacy payment systems and crypto in a hybrid wallet. It simplifies the use of cryptocurrencies for micro-payments.

Built on blockchain, the Monetum wallet enables handling of currencies in one place, both crypto and fiat. A multi asset wallet that interlinks all funds in one platform simplifying the experience of using both cash or crypto. This single ecosystem manages all commodities in a trust-based,innovative and secure solution that promises to revolutionize the payments industry. The multi currency wallet allows users instant wire transfers using fully functional IBAN, Account-to-Card payments and FIAT-CRYPTO storage features.

Smart Exchange

All-in-one exchange including Currencies, Metals and Crypto. Monetum enables crypto investors to convert crypto portfolios into traditional assets and back.

A novel tech stack enabling critical functionality, Monetum has created an all in one exchange that includes forex, metals and crypto. Making the users life easier to store, transfer and exchange their cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on blockchain.

The smart exchange allows users to convert between a number of crypto/ at pairs just like a traditional exchange, with the peace of mind of operating in a fully regulated blockchain based environment.

The Momentum Smart Exchange allows for a smooth operation and a quick turnaround of transfers and trades with an extremely secure client side device. The platform is integrated with a unique DLT peer-to-peer (P2P) and this blockchain based exchange offers an extra layer of security and transparency to the users’ funds.

IBAN Accounts

A fully functional IBAN is associated to each system account. Account holders will have the option of receiving physical cards and/or hardware wallets. A state of the art merchant web payment portal, allows individual users and businesses on the Monetum platform to simultaneously send, store, and exchange cryptocurrencies and multiple  at currencies. All these assets are accessible through the same system account and its associated unique IBAN.

Credit Card Processing

Monetums secure and reliable credit card processing services are specially designed for online businesses who need an experienced payment partner to meet their unique credit card needs. This credit card processing platform allows users to receive funds faster while promoting customer confidence.

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