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Headshot of Marco Lavanna, founder of the Monetum project.

Marco Lavanna, the Founder and CEO of Monetum spoke to Irish Tech News about the future plans for Monetum and the upcoming exciting events the company sponsoring, like the fast approaching Monaco Blockchain Conference.

Marco Lavanna started off the interview with a quick summary about Monetum and the purposes behind the project. He explained ”Monetum will serve the demand for a fully-regulated fiat-to-crypto exchange in Europe. Presently, there are only nine regulated crypto-exchanges in the world, and the European exchanges are concentrated in London and Estonia. If Brexit happens, EU residents may find their choice of exchanges to be very limited. Monetum will serve that need.”

Talking about the future plans for the project that the team is working hard towards, Marco Lavanna continued ”Starting in the third quarter, Monetum will provide OTC trading between Euros and the three primary Bitcoin variants, BTC, BCH, BSV, as well as Ethereum (ETH). We get several phone calls a day from clients asking for this service. We will be able to provide this service reliably by using Paytah as the escrow for the Euro transactions. This ensures both parties have been fully identified with KYC and AML screening, and that the fiat has cleared and aged in the account and cannot be reversed.”

The CEO and Founder continued ”Monetum intends to open our market-exchange to trading in the fourth quarter. Our primary focus is on serving our existing clients. Rather than an exchange that lists hundreds of tokens, we will limit the selection to the few that are used for token auctions such as ICO and ITOs, and therefore require high liquidity. If EOS or another blockchain becomes a currency required for ICOs, we may add that as well. However, we expect that the industry will eventually move away from ICOs. As a regulated exchange we will simply move with industry and provide liquidity where it is needed.”

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