Tech Stack

Monetum achieves future proof scalability through several groundbreaking technical innovations:


Monetum is already far in its quest to provide future proof high velocity distributed transaction mechanism. The blockchain protocol used has been tested to sustain stable 1500 tps throughput, while constantly being improved to support even higher transaction rates where necessary in the future. A rewritten binary data transfer protocol designed to reach a minimum of 5000 tps on a single consumer grade mining server node is an intermediate target – without further optimizations on the p2p transmit and consensus layer yet counted in


  • Monetum uses custom storage and access solution based on Memory Mapped Files and tailored specifically to address the needs of a cryptocurrency node.Not embedding oldschool slow databases to store transactions and blocks, account balances and the order books for all asset pairs.
  •  For storing the consensus blockchain, Monetum does not use single blockchain file ever increasing in size. Instead Monetum will make use of serialized blockchain files of a limited size, accompanied by small balance files. When the latest blockchain file reaches threshold size, the protocol will automatically switch to a new blocks file cryptographically linked to the previous block files and balance files.
  •  The details to achieve this are in principle similar to how blocks are chained to each other. Through these unique developments to both the storage layer and the networking layer it is possible to sustain high capacity throughput even on a public decentralized peer-to-peer node network. Capacity can simply be increased boundlessly by improving specs of the hardware for the servers participating in the network.

Monetum Hybrid Wallet
The hybrid fiat / crypto wallet contains the
following core functionalities:

  • EUR transfer to internal wallets (instant)
  • EUR deposit through SEPA, International wire,
    Credit card
  • EUR transfer to external accounts via SEPA or
    SWIFT Private encrypted messaging between
    client/house or client/client
  • Additional fiat currenciesUnique IBAN account
    assignment for KYC’d clients
  • Display of balance and Transfer MOM
    cryptocurrency between MOM accounts
  • Display of balance Transfer of BTC to / from
    BTC addresses
  • Gateway to the Monetum crypto exchange
    and display of asset balances

Crypto Exchange
How it works

The exchange is the ‘engine’ of the project. It enables transparent transactions regardless of the origin/destination currency. Agnostic of the currency owned by the buyer and the currency required by the seller, the exchange connects both parties and automatically and transparently converts from/to the required currencies. Simultaneously, the exchange converts all fees owed to Monetum into Monetum coins. This way, Monetum coins – the base settlement currency of the system – will be guaranteed constant demand and liquidity.

The exchange also allows users to convert between a number of crypto/fiat pairs just like a traditional exchange, with the peace of mind of operating in a regulated environment.

Backend Infrastructure

The FIAT multicurrency wallet and crypto asset exchange – operated on a private blockchain for regulatory compliance – offers a combination of safety, speed and versatility never seen before in the business of cryptocurrency trading and asset storage. The technology is capable of storing fiat tokens and crypto assets in a highly secure manner by technically limiting transfer access to no party other than the authorized client device and password holder. The carefully designed backend infrastructure, is built to handle volumes of several thousand tps. That level is equal to what major credit card operators process worldwide at the very peak traffic hours.

Processing speed and transactions per second

This processing speed enables Monetum to not only respond to the needs of all crypto asset traders in general, but also to dip into the highvolume HFT and algorithmic trading that has remained off blockchain until now. We strongly believe that High Speed data processing in close combination with unforeseen impeccability and cryptographic validation of transactions, will be the standard on which the financial services of the next generation will commonly be based on. KYC compliance Moreover, using the latest blockchain technology ensures that full audit trail of all transactions, KYC validated where relevant, will easily be available for regulatory compliance upon request.
The FIAT trading wallet is a novel hybrid wallet in the sense that it accesses both the private FIAT / asset trading blockchain, and the public Monetum crypto chain in ‘Open banking’ style as indicated by the PSD2 directive.

Equalized node hardware capacity

Although the Monetum cryptocurrency, utilizing public peer-to-peer technology, offers decentralization by requiring transaction validation by all participating nodes, it seriously limits volume throughput preventing adoption by traditional financial service providers. This limitation of public blockchains is exerted natively due to differences in node performance, network performance, data propagation protocol overhead and even the high distance between server nodes situated globally.

However in turn, private blockchains fully controlled by the operating company, are able to overcome this limitation by equalizing node hardware capability and placement, optimizing network configuration, customizing data transmission format, and limiting the number of nodes to the lowest number feasible to safely operate the service. The difference in transaction volume throughput for mutually similar systems in a private environment vs. public can be several orders of magnitude (10-1000x).